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The AMILI Internship Programme


At AMILI, we firmly believe in providing a meaningful, holistic internship experience for all who join us. We offer a wide range of internships across many areas of interest, from biomedical science, to marketing, to product design. We aim to equip our interns with crucial industry and soft skills while building their professional networks.  But don’t just take our word for it!



Ngee Ann Polytechnic 

2019 intern turned lab executive from 2020 – 2021

I had the opportunity to be part of the fAMILI when it was still growing in 2019. I was surrounded with colleagues who were more than willing to help, to provide me with opportunities to learn new skills and knowledge, and to tap into their expertise to learn from them.

I felt a sense of welcoming when I first joined AMILI as an intern, and always had a mentor to guide me through, and was also at times, pushed out of my comfort zone to brainstorm and think of more creative ways to go about problems. The team also worked well together, being highly efficient and bonded well, most importantly.

In all, my time spent at AMILI was memorable and I have met many friends who are held close to my heart till today.


Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Year 3 Student)

Internship period Mar – Aug 2020

Working at AMILI was a very enjoyable experience for me. Despite the unfamiliarity I faced being placed in a field of work I was not accustomed to; it was a pleasure to work in a start up as it allowed me to see how a company grew and how its organizational structure solidifies.

With the little knowledge I had about the field of research, AMILI and its team of great colleagues guided me through my whole internship and also helped me to overcome many challenges I faced during my time there.


Internship period Jun – Aug 2020

When I first joined AMILI, it was during unprecedented times. Even as the team adjusted to working from home, they still managed to give me a warm welcome and work around the barriers to integrate me fully.

With a diverse mix of backgrounds and characters, I also had the opportunity to work with and learn from everyone. Having dipped my toes into multiple aspects of AMILI, I have improved upon and picked up new skills, especially when working on launching AMILI’s Bio+Me. Most importantly, my short time at AMILI has made me more confident in my ability to adapt to diverse roles and situations and shaped me to be an accountable and strong team player.

AMILI is an exciting place to be at – their approach to a healthier future is both unconventional and ambitious. The people I met and the experiences I gained have definitely left me inspired.


Internship period Dec – May 2021

I joined AMILI as a Business Development Intern and had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people, ranging from application development to research to product development.

During the internship, I learnt to work with different stakeholders to distill key business requirements to deliver digital solutions for better customer experiences and efficient internal workflows. The team was energetic, agile and fast-paced, constantly finding new ways to improve our products while advancing research in gut microbiome space.

I thoroughly enjoyed my 6-month stint with AMILI and took away a life-long appreciation of my relationship with gut microbiome.


Internship period Sep – Jan 2021

My time spent interning at AMILI was a unique, and fruitful experience that has also been one of the most valuable parts during the 3 years of my polytechnic life.

The wealth of experience of knowledgeable mentors and being able to interact with experts from many different fields at AMILI was an excellent opportunity for me to gain useful industry skills, and also practical skills that are can only be learnt while on the job.

Whether you are looking to increase your expertise in a specific field or to try something new and broaden your range of skills, AMILI will surely be an excellent option for an internship experience.


Internship period Oct 2020

My experience at AMILI was fascinating, for it showed me that what we instinctively regard as “waste” could hold the key to unlocking our gut health.

There, I was immersed in learning about the gut microbiota through observing faecal sample lab testing and conducting literature reviews. From Day One, everyone at AMILI took me under their wing by not only allowing me to observe their work, but guiding me to contribute in my own way. They gave me opportunities to participate in public health discussions and write a blog post to raise awareness.

Overall, my experience interning at AMILI was sh*t, but only literally. Its culture of respect, collaboration and mentorship made my time there everything I hoped for and more.

To prospective interns, go for it! Be it to pursue an interest in biomedical sciences, public health or simply to witness firsthand the spirit of seeking out the good in everything, even (and especially) in our toilet bowls.

At AMILI, we are pushing the boundaries of biomedical science

As one big unconventional family, we embrace diversity as an engine of innovation. Our team is always on the lookout for creative problem solvers, team players and bridge-builders interested in contributing to something greater than themselves. If that sounds like you, we would love to get to know you.